Past Conferences

IHFDA is proud to partner with leaders in the healthcare diversion space, a platform to teach and network with others focused on protecting patients and assisting workers. Join your co-workers at the next IHFDA conference. The only conference strictly focused on healthcare facility diversion.

  1. Nashville, Tn

    Our Nashville 2022 Conference could very well have been IHFDA’s very best. With both virtual and in-conference attendance offered and a blockbuster agenda, the reviews were excellent from attendees. The Fundamental Drug Diversion Certificate was offered for the first time.

    Download 2022 Agenda
  2. Virtual Conference

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    Download 2021 Agenda
  3. Chicago, Illinois

    This conference was postponed and rescheduled due to COVID-19 concerns. IHFDA provided the conference presentations for this year virtually to our members for free.

    Download 2020 Agenda
  4. Orlando, Florida

    The IHFDA Executive Board wants to thank all of the attendees at our 4th annual conference just completed in Orlando, Florida. We feel it was the best agenda so far with some incredible attendees who were eager to learn more from the presenters. We also had a record number of exhibitors and made many new friends.

    Download 2019 Agenda
  5. Dallas, Texas

    The IHFDA 2018 conference turned out to be a huge success. Attendees were able to listen to some of the true experts in the field of health facility diversion present some of the most pressing issues currently being faced by our members. In addition, networking with other professionals in their field, along with a strong exhibitor field made for a formable conference for all. Positive comments were abundant as the IHFDA board also listened to how we can make a great conference even better in 2019 in Orlando.

    Download 2018 Agenda
  6. St. Louis, Missouri

    We just finished our second annual conference and the results were truly amazing. Thank you to all of our incredible presenters, our exhibitors and corporate sponsors, and the most important, our attendees. We had over 250 eager attendees who were able to participate with each other and had the opportunity to ask questions of the presenters. They were able to not only take home knowledge from this conference, but the contacts that will provide them with professional networking abilities long after the conference is a distant memory.

    Download 2017 Agenda
  7. Cincinnati, Ohio

    IHFDA wants to Thank all of the amazing presenters, corporate members and partners, and attendees for a hugely successful first annual IHFDA conference. We had over 200 members in attendance, from over 30 states and Canada. I know I speak on behalf of the entire organization in saying that our members are responsible for the success of our first conference.

    Download 2016 Agenda