IHFDA Membership

Recieve a $50 dollar discount when you register to attend our annual conference and select to purchase or renew an IHFDA membership at the same time.

Membership in the IHFDA allows you to network with hundreds of individuals who share the goal of reducing the incidence of drug diversion within healthcare facilities. Members will have access to what has proven to be a very active listserve that will allow them to discuss approaches to this complex issue with others who are facing the same problems.

Members have access to comments and newsworthy articles from some of the most experienced professionals in the world of drug diversion in healthcare facilities. In addition, free webinars are available throughout the year to provide members with approaches to present-day issues relating to diversion in healthcare institutions. Through networking and discussion, our members have access to the most up to date and innovative methods to detect diversion, deal with it appropriately, and provide the best outcome for patients, healthcare facilities, and addicted healthcare personnel. IHFDA is continually growing and evolving, and the input of our members is the foundation that makes IHFDA a strong and viable organization. 

Membership in IHFDA is open to individuals involved or interested in preventing diversion of prescription drugs by personnel in healthcare facilities. Final approval of membership rests with the IHFDA Board.

Regular membership is $150 per year, and $80 per year for current students that register under their student email address. Both will have the unique opportunity to be a part of an organization specifically devoted to drug diversion issues in healthcare facilities.
Those interested in corporate membership – CLICK HERE
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