IHFDA offers CE credits with the upcoming webinar series

Due to the unforeseen circumstances of the COVID virus regarding the IHFDA annual conference, we would like to encourage you to participate in planned webinars monthly, except for December. There will be either one or two credit hours available for Pharmacy, Pharmacy Tech and Nursing each month. The individual presentations will be released on the 20th of each month to allow flexibility for your schedule. We will rely on each of you to record and submit the hours of those programs in which you participated through a link which will be provided at the end of each presentation. It is important to state the credit hours will only be available for members, so if your membership expires in September 2020 please plan for renewal within the next 6 weeks to take advantage of the education credits to be offered. Each 1-hour webinar will be available for credit until August 31, 2021, so if you prefer to wait and participate in the webinars as well as collect all credit hours at one time you may do so.

We would appreciate feedback on any of the presentations, as well as any comments on the overall webinar platform. The IHFDA board of directors appreciates your willingness to continue supporting IHFDA during this difficult time and look forward to seeing you in person in 2021.


Marsha Stanton, Vice President

Webinar Schedule 2020 - 2021

September 2020 - New webinars released the 20th of each month ***

“The Unlikely Advocate: A Tale of Patient Harm”
Lauren Lollini, IHFDA Secretary

“Meeting the Standard-Can Your Drug Diversion Program Stand the Oversight?”
Russ Nix, Founder, Senior Consultant Aegis Rx, LLC.

October 2020

“Interview and Interrogation in Healthcare Investigations”
Kevin Vanover, IHFDA Treasurer, Jeffrey Wahl, J.D., Jeffrey R. Wahl Co.

November 2020

“Job Description of a Diversion Specialist”
Theresa Vidals, B.S., Pharm, Rxpert Solutions

January 2021

“How Did This Go On for Years, and No One Noticed?”
Maureen Burger, MSN, RN, CPHQ, FACHe

“Detecting, Deterring and Responding to Drug Diversion”
DeVere Day, Pharm D, Pharmacy Automation and Technology Manager, Intermountain Healthcare

February 2021

“Developing a Framework for Improving the Safety and Security of Controlled Substances in Hospital High Risk Areas in Ontario, Canada”
Judy Chong, Mgr., Hospital Practice, Ontario College of Pharmacists

“How Drug Diversion Reduces Trust in the Healthcare System”
Jeffrey R. Wahl, J.D.

March 2021

“Creating and Implementing Diversion Risk Rounds”
Christina Kelley, BS, CPhT, Compliance Monitor, Fairview Pharmacy Services
Ben Krueger, BA, CPhT, Pharmacy Business Operations Mgr., Univ. of Minnesota Medical Center
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