IHFDA Board Changes

Date Posted: January 2, 2022

The IHFDA Executive Board regrets to announce that Executive Director and Co-Founder Kimberly New is leaving the Board at her current position effective 1-1-22. She wanted the members to know she has truly enjoyed her work at IHFDA but she and her husband have relocated to France. She will continue to do some work remotely, with fellow Board member Luke Overmire, continuing her business. Kim will continue on the IHFDA Board with emeritus status. She was also awarded Lifetime Membership by the IHFDA Executive Board. We wish her continued happiness in her new home and sincere thanks for all she did for IHFDA over the years.

The Executive Board has chosen to make the following changes:

Executive Director – John Burke
President – Marsha Stanton
Vice President of Education – Heidi McNeely 
Vice President of Finance-Kevin Vanover
Emeritus – Kimberly New

John Burke
Executive Director