Free Webinar: Travel Nurses at a Travel Destination



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Travel nurses present the opportunity for healthcare entities to quickly bring on short-term employees for hard-to-fill or specialty positions. With the growing popularity of travel nurses, several states have enforced regulations upon contracting agencies, and many hospitals are compelled to heighten their monitoring of their traveling employees. In a small, rural facility like Martha’s Vineyard Hospital (MVH), travel nurses have become increasingly important year-round, and so MVH has always been accustomed to a certain hypervigilance regarding its traveling staff. Approximately 40-60% of our traveling staff return year after year. This presentation will discuss the approach to monitoring for diversion with a large number of travelers.

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Amina Luzic, PharmD, RPh

Graduated from Mass. College of Pharmacy in 2015. Worked in retail Pharmacy in Upstate NY for a few years before moving to Martha’s Vineyard. Pharmacist with Martha’s Vineyard Hospital for 5 years. Worked clinically and now serves as Diversion Prevention Pharmacist/Medication Safety Officer. Started the Diversion Prevention Program at MVH and has presented on the topic at ASHP Midyear. When not at work, has 3 small boys who keep her very busy.