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After passively trending discrepancy work since May 2017, our Controlled Substances Assessment (CSA) program began to utilize our tracking system in July 2020 by tracking the effects of our improvement measures and how they related to the overall number of discrepancies created. Through this work, several projects were created to improve the management of controlled substances. This included the use of discrepancy data to advocate for the installation of cameras above automated dispensing cabinets (ADCs).

This presentation will discuss our path to approval for and installation of cameras at our ADCs and a review of two case studies utilizing these cameras, including lessons learned as we continue to integrate them into our diversion workflow.

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Caroline Carter, BS, CPhT

Lead System Pharmacy Auditor, Controlled Substances Assessment Program, UNC Health Care System

Caroline Carter, BS, CPhT, is a Lead System Pharmacy Auditor for the Controlled Substances Assessment Program at UNC Health. At UNC Health, Mrs. Carter’s focus is performing audits with the intent to detect controlled substances diversion cases for presentation to Department Leadership and our multidisciplinary team. Her passion is going beyond the case by providing education to have a greater impact on overall controlled substances management.

Mrs. Carter completed her undergraduate degree in Accounting and Finance at University of North Carolina at Charlotte and earned her national certification in September 2015 through the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB). Mrs. Carter has worked alongside other experts in the area of controlled substance diversion prevention to develop an advanced CPhT designation through PTCB. Her work history in healthcare includes Pharmacy Technician in a retail setting, Infusion Audit Denial Specialist – auditing high-cost unpaid infusion claims including commercial and Medicare denials at UNC Health and her current position.

Sheetal Patel-House, PharmD

System Pharmacy Clinical Manager, UNC Health

Sheetal Patel-House is the System Clinical Manager for the Controlled Substances Assessment (CSA) program at the University of North Carolina (UNC) HealthCare System. After receiving her Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2011, she joined UNC Hospitals as a staff pharmacist before transitioning into a lead role in the OR Pharmacy. In 2016 she moved into a dedicated position tasked to develop a comprehensive controlled substances assessment program addressing both compliance and surveillance requirements at UNC Hospitals. In 2021 her team was integrated into System Pharmacy Services for UNC Health. In her current position, she leads efforts that bring people together from diverse settings and disciplines across the health care system, to work on controlled substance related compliance and surveillance initiatives.