Free Webinar – A Compassionate Approach to Drug Diversion



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When dealing with drug diversion, healthcare facilities need to develop policies that support treatment and job retention when possible. Having this compassionate approach will help the staffing crisis by retaining highly trained and experienced HCPs and will improve mental health by allowing the HCP to receive treatment for their substance use. The goal is to ensure patient safety while enabling the facility to support the HCP through treatment, recovery, and the return to safe practice.

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Kristin Waite-Labott, R.N.

Kristin has been an RN since 1991. After losing much to alcohol and drug addiction, she turned her life around. She now works as a behavioral health nurse, has published a book about her story of recovery called “An Unlikely Addict”, writes a blog on issues surrounding addiction and works with others who struggle with addiction. Her goal is to increase awareness about the problem of substance use disorder in healthcare.

She accomplishes this by presenting to nursing students at colleges and universities around the country, by speaking at nursing conferences, and by being an active participant in IntNSA (International Nurses Society on Addictions) including serving as president of the Eastern Wisconsin IntNSA chapter. She has appeared on several local and national TV and radio news programs as well as an episode of “The Doctors” talk show.