A Game Changer: Incorporating a “Wow” Factor in Staff Diversion Education



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The 2022 America Society of Health Care Pharmacists (ASHP) guidelines recommend targeted drug diversion healthcare worker (HCW) education. (Clark, et al., 2022). Traditional platforms may include non-interactive modules and presentations. Education covering substance use disorders, diversion, suspicious behaviors, recovery options, and speak-up encouragement. Literature suggests training should integrate adult learning principles considering learning styles engagement strategies, and innovative techniques. Modifying existing education may stimulate learners to embrace the content dynamics and inspire meaningful retention for bedside diversion prevention and detection efforts. (Collins, 2004). This means codifying learning by doing. In Kolb’s theory, learning is solidified through experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization, and active experimentation. Applying his principles benefits for students, educators, and employers. (Kolb, et al., 2001). This presentation aspires to describe the education journey to create a standard using Kolb’s theory for the delivery and accountability of diversion education.

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Brianna Graham Webinar Presenter at IHFDA

Brianna Graham, MSN, RN, NPD-BC, ONC

Brianna Graham, MSN, RN, NPD-BC, ONC holds the role of Diversion Prevention Specialist for her non-profit health system in Northeast Indiana. The health system includes 14 hospitals in 2 states, 300+ physician clinics, inpatient and retail pharmacies, and 16,000 employees.

This collaborative role is paramount in the Culture of Safety initiatives to ensure patient and co-worker safety; as well as mitigating risk surrounding DEA federal regulatory compliance for controlled substances. Brianna’s responsibilities include drug diversion program development, investigations, monitoring controlled substance compliance, policy creation, and education. Brianna has a diverse clinical nursing background, in her 23+-year career including LTC, Surgical/trauma ICU and Risk Management and clinical staff development to name a few. She obtained a Master’s degree in Nursing Leadership & Administration, and an ANCC certification in Nursing Professional Development. She was previously certified in Orthopedic Nursing. She is a Everything DiSC® (Personality Assessment) facilitator, mentoring both leaders and clinical staff looking for personal/professional growth. She is a member of IHFDA, NADDI (Diversion Organizations), and Reid Institute. She is currently working toward her certification from the Reid Institute for Advanced Investigational Interviewing. In her spare time (which is rare), she is the Team Medic, affectionately known as “Mama G” for her local Highschool Rugby Club as well as the President of the Executive Board of Directors.