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Quickly uncover potential diversion from purchase to patient with predictive analytics and actionable dashboards.

Invistics' Flowlytics solution uses machine learning and advanced analytics to aggregate data across multiple healthcare IT systems, including Electronic Medical Records, dispensing cabinets, employee time clocks, wholesale purchasing, reverse distributors, and other internal inventory systems. Flowlytics’ proprietary Highest Evidence of Activity to Investigate (HEAT™) score flags those staff members that should be investigated for potential diversion, and avoids the need to manually review dozens of reports as is the case with traditional diversion surveillance software. Invistics’ drug diversion software was funded by a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and has a true positive accuracy rate of over 90%.

◘ Monitor all drugs, both controlled and non-controlled medications, particularly expensive drugs like oncology medications and antivirals. This includes infusions, Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA), and all other medication dosage forms.
◘ Highlight opportunities to improve clinical workflows, patient safety, and medication charge capture utilizing existing data
◘ Convert from paper-based controlled substance tracking to electronic tracking, improving security, accuracy and efficiency while making DEA audits simpler

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