Founded in 2015, the International Health Facility Diversion Association, or IHFDA, is an international network of experienced professionals who come together to share solutions, knowledge and insight on how to prevent, detect, and properly respond to drug diversion by healthcare personnel. IHFDA is an advocate for patient safety, and is committed to addressing all aspects of drug diversion within healthcare facilities. For healthcare facility diversion stakeholders, IHFDA is your one-stop resource. IHFDA is an international organization dedicated to providing resources to achieve the best possible outcome for the patient, healthcare facility and abuser.


Devoted to protecting patients, staff, and facilities from the harm associated with drug diversion by healthcare personnel through education and collaboration.
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DUNS number: 08-073-0692
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Board of Directors

John Burke

Executive Director

Marsha Stanton


Kevin Vanover

Vice President of Finance

Heidi McNeely

Vice President of Education

Lauren Lollini

Director of Outreach

Luke Overmire

Creative Director

Pam Talley

Board Member
Steven D. Passik, PhD IHFDA Board Member

Steven Passik

Board Member
Mary Nelson IHFDA Board Member

Mary Nelson

Board Member
Danielle Neal, Pharm.D.

Danielle Neal

Board Member

Kim New

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